The DI-PSP offers an innovative solution to deliver replacement air in the vicinity of the exhaust hood without affecting capture and containment. The double layer of perforated metal of the DI-PSP ensures a laminar air discharge pattern. The DI-PSP replaces traditional directional diffusers, like a 4-way, that can degrade hood performance if within ten feet. Read more here

CaptiveAire | Ceiling Diffuser

    • Stainless steel trim for aesthetics
    • Stainless steel perforation for long lasting durability
    • Fully insulated shell to prevent condensation
    • Integrated radial diffuser, adjustable from below the ceiling
    • Removable perforation for cleaning
    • Laminar air discharge patterns
    • Available with 3 duct size connections: 8, 10, or 12"
    • Fits in a standard ceiling grid