CaptiveAire | Centrifugal Upblast Belt Drive Fans

    • Air Volume: 2 – 22,500 cfm
    • Maximum SP: 2.75" wg. @ standard air density
    • A wide variety of motors are available to meet specific application needs.
    • Heavy duty construction, durable and weather resistant.
    • Non-overloading backward inclined wheels, blades and inlets fabricated from aluminum.
    • Wall mount applications, units up to 24" nominal wheel can be wall mounted.
    • Forced fresh air through the motor compartment cools motor and ensures long motor life.
    • Quick release latches allow for easy access to motor compartment.
    • Variable pitch motor pulley allows for field adjustment and system balancing.
    • High efficiency combined with low tip speeds result in quiet operation.
    • Standard emergency disconnect switch.
    • Gravity Damper. (UL705 Only)
    • Motorized Damper. (UL705 Only)
    • Wall Mount Sleeve.
    • Roof Curb. (Vented and Non-Vented)
    • Grease Collection Box.
    • Bird Screen. (UL705 Only)
    • Base Hinging Kit or Hinged Sub Base. (for NFPA96 compliance)
    • Combination package that includes a supply fan mounted on the same roof curb.
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