NDI Series - Exhaust only hood. The NDI Series is a Type I, Double Island V-Bank Hood for use over 400°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures. Double island hoods are used over cooking equipment where no walls exist or for display cooking.

CaptiveAire | Double Island V-Bank Hood

  • ETL Listed: ETL Listed for use over 400°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures, which provides flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation systems. ETL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, ETL Sanitation Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96.
  • Capture and Containment: Insulated, double-wall rigid front and back have aerodynamic design that reduces radiant heat into kitchen, prevents condensation and provides exceptional capture and containment of cooking vapors. This is accomplished with the signature "mechanical baffle" on the front and back of the hood's capture area. Mechanical baffle provides a built-in wiring chase for optimal positioning of electrical controls and outlets on the front face of the hood without penetrating capture area or requiring external chase way.
  • Convenient Design: Factory pre-wired lighting to illuminate the cooking surface is accessible from the bottom of the hood. Fitted with UL Listed, pre-wired, incandescent light fixtures and tempered glass globes (45" width and above) to hold up to a standard 100 watt bulb. Pre-punched hanging angles on each end of hood and additional set provided for hoods longer than 12'.
  • Construction: Polished stainless steel on the interior and exterior of the hood enhance aesthetics. Fully welded and polished corners. Fabricated from Type 430 stainless steel with option of Type 304 available.
  • Grease Extraction: All hoods come standard with stainless steel baffle filters and a deep grease trough which allows for easy cleaning. Captrate Combo® and Captrate Solo® filters are optional. Grease drain system with removable 1/2 pint cup for easy cleaning. Standard filter stops eliminate gaps between filters.
  • Controls: Hoods can be equipped with modular utility cabinets and end standoffs. Optional listed light and fan control switches flush mounted and pre-wired through electrical chase way.
  • Optional Make-Up Air: Make-up air can be supplied through optional front, back and/or side plenums (NDI Series with PSP or AC-PSP Accessory).