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Manitowoc | Indigo NXT Series Ice Storage Bins

    • Duratech Metal Finish
      • Manitowoc exterior material has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel, is smudge resistant and easy to keep clean.
    • Ergonomic Door design
      • Door is angled 53 degrees to allow for easier access to the ice in the bin especially when scooping from the bottom.
    • Foamed Insulated Door
      • Insulates the ice bin, reduces sweat on the door, helps keep ice lasting longer.
    • New Bin liner
      • Polyurethane Artic Blue bin liner accentuates the crisp clear ice from a Manitowoc Ice Machine.
    • New Door design
      • Clever built in side grips allow you to lift the bin door from anywhere you are standing (left, right or center) even when you have just one hand free.
    • New Sanitary Scoop
      • Ergonomic NSF approved sanitary ice scoop included with each bin. Built-in knuckle and thumb guard. Unique molded retaining lip allows maximum scooping every time. Per scoop capacity approximately 5.3/ lbs (2.4 kg).
    • Scoop Holder options
      • New built-in scoop holder, keeps the ice scoop handle above the ice, or purchases the optional NSF approved External Scoop Holder Kit # K00461. (Available January 2018).
    • Stay up door
      • Unique cammed bin door self-latch keeps the door in the open position and keeps the employee safe when scooping ice.
    • Warranty
      • Bin & Accessories: 3 Year Parts & Labor.
  • 000013960 Metal Scoop
    Indestructible aluminum alloy with sanitary knuckle and thumb guard. Works with K00461external scoop holder or hangs inside the D-Bin series.

    K00146 Convenient Ice Bagger
    Includes bagger, D-bin adapter, and 250 bags and ties (Not for D320 or D400) Order K00068 replacement bags.

    K00461 External Scoop Holder
    NSF approved. Can be mounted on the left or right side of bins, horizontally or vertically or on a wall.

    K00462 Secure Fastening Kit
    Securely fast the Indigov ice machine head to the pre-drilled inserts on the back of the D-bin series. Stainless steel flanged feet attach to bin and can be screwed to the floor.